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Last night this band played at my house.

Suddenly Susan. It's Rotten Milk from Stress Ape and a dozen other bands, and Dan Q. from Mahjongg. They say they are supposed to be juke, but they definitely are not. Haha.
Anyway, Mahjongg is the Golden Band right now in Chicago. They are awesome dudes and they make awesome music to dance to. Buy this. KONTPAB It's their album that's out now. This seems to be the song that EVERYONE knows by them. The video is crazy!

I recently did some vocals for their new album. Dan told me is going to be called "Water Babies or Aqua Bambinos Para Ustedes". They're going on their second (!) European tour this summer, they probably won't play in Dubai ever, and you know I told them they definitely have to get down to Mexico soon!

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