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On May 23rd that showed up at my doorstep. I was living at the Electric Company in French and since we were getting kicked out anyway (FUCK YOU NONDAS!), we had to have the best last show ever. My roommate Robert told me that in the 6 years he had lived there the only band he really wanted to play had been Mahjongg, so der! we made it happen. I was told to not book any bands other than Mahjongg, Laser Crystal. I told them its my house and I'm gonna play cause I said so. Then I asked Diamond Black Hearted Boy to play too. He mumbled some stuff and showed up at my house with some cotton candy the day of the show.
Diamond Black Hearted Boy // 1984
Diamond Black Hearted Boy // Night II
The show was pretty awesome. I most remember NNSFW/Niangua showing up outside of my house with a van that had the backseat taken out and replaced with sand and a kiddies pool that was full of water (live the dream, everyday). I also remember SOMEONE STEALING MY LAPTOP (hijo de la puta..).
After that me and DBHB went out for tour. It was pretty much crazy and retarded and awesome and frustrating and fun. Basically it was everything in the world. I'm glad it's over.

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