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This weekend in Chicago Bitchpork happned. A 3 day festival that ran concurrent to Pitchfork Medias music festival, but the opposite entirely. Bitchpork was hosted by a new venue (they haven't go a name yet!) in Chicago's premiere Southside neighborhood, Pilsen. The venue is next door to the now defunct Electric Company space, but its not the same at all. The space is a huge warehouse floor that 2 areas for the bands to play. The one in back had a ton of yarn strung across the ceiling, and on the oppostie side was a long colorful merch table. The festival was Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and all 3 nights crowds shifted from the side stage to back stage to watch what would go down. The first night, Friday, all I can remember from the show is Cave playing their first song and the power blowing. It still sounded awesome. After the show me and a couple friends went to hang out a couple blocks away, and some drunk guy snuck into the house and tried to steal a bike right out of the living room! Andy chased him down and kicked his ass and got his bike back from the guy. It was hysterical..
Saturday the place was packed again and there was a ton of sweet babes! Golden Birthday had played at Chica-go-go (the most awesome public access show ever!) earlier that day. Ryan told me about how he was really hungover at the taping and how he was chasing little kids around the Chica-go-go set. After Golden Birthday played Religious Girls went on. They are from Oakland and I had never seen them before. They were soooo good.

We left before Religious Girls played to make a brief apprearance at the Co Prosperity Sphere in Bridgeport. When we got there the DJ made an announcement that the boxing matches were about to start in the basement. We went done there and waited for the longest 10 minutes of my life for the fights to start. We watched about 5 of them. They were just ok.. We left right before the wet shirt contest, but we still missed Ga'an and Times New Viking back @ Bitchpork.

Sunday I showed up late and only caught the last 3 acts. Fashion Dictator, Juiceboxxx, and Club Sashay. During Juiceboxxx's set he was jumping around in the yarn stuff that was hanging from the ceiling and that wasit for the set. People started pulling and crowd surfing through the yarn. After that people were pretty juiced for Club Sashay, who had 'built' the yarn set. They brought out a kiddie pool full of 200 packs for ramen noodles. People went nuts. There was noodles and glitter and watermelon seeds and sardines on everything. When I left there was a so much ramen noodle and glitter smashed into the floor and a line around the corner from the shower of naked people covered in the nastiest shit ever.

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